Ongoing Projects

Woodcock Limited’s PLOW program

PLOW-ProjectIn the Spring of 2008, Woodcock Limited established the Private Land Opportunities for Woodcock (PLOW) program in order to work with landowners to create and enhance woodcock habitat on private property. Learn more about how you can participate in this program.


The Montour Preserve Project

In December of 2007, the Pennsylvania chapter of Woodcock Limited met with PPL to discuss woodcock management on their Montour Preserve located in Montour County. Approximately 5,000 acres are included in the Preserve and surrounding acreage. The Preserve became the first project enrolled in the PLOW program. In 2008, an annual co-operative habitat effort began between Woodcock Limited and the Col-Mont Gobbler Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation. Two field days were held that spring and almost 3,000 Aspen and Gray and Silky Dogwood seedlings were planted on two separate tracts within the Preserve. Boy Scout Troup 3249 also helped that first year. On the spring 2010 workday, more than 10,000 Aspen, Crab Apple, and Silky Dogwood were planted at three new, separate sites. In 2012 additional seedlings were planted on three sites. More work days are planned as we continue to create and enhance woodcock habitat.

Montour Preserve Project

2012 workers at the Montour Preserve

25,000 more acres in Pennsylvania enrolled in PLOW

In 2009, Forest Investment Associates’ Clermont site (totaling almost 25,000 acres in McKean and Potter counties) was enrolled in the Private Land Opportunities for Woodcock (PLOW) program. Habitat work continues on this site.

Concluded Projects

Pennsylvania’s Swatara State Park

Swatara-ProjectIn the Spring of 2011, Woodcock Limited partnered with the South Mountain Chapter of the Ruffed Grouse Society to perform some much needed habitat work at Swatara State Park. 10,000 Aspen seedlings were planted in an effort to create new woodcock habitat on two abandoned strip mine sites.



Pennsylvania’s Bald Eagle State Park

In the winter of 2010, the Pennsylvania chapter of Woodcock Limited used a grant received from WEEF (Wildlife for Everyone Endowment Foundation) to fund the clear cutting of 50 acres of hardwoods on the Mount Eagle site. The site has regenerated with young aspens and there has been a dramatic increase in use by woodcock.

Woodcock Limited Member Completes Research Study

In 2009, Woodcock Limited member Eric Miller launched a two year research study on the effects of invasive shrubs on American woodcock nesting and brood rearing habitat. The objective of the study was to determine if invasive shrub habitat was suitable for woodcock use or if the invasives should be removed to make the habitat suitable for woodcock. Selected areas for the study included Swatara State Park, Fort Indiantown Gap, and Middle Creek Wildlife Refuge in Pennsylvania.


Woodcock Limited has spent a tremendous amount of time and effort on habitat improvements. And we’re just getting started. If you’re interested in volunteering for one of our current projects or would like to launch one of your own then we’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Our goal is to expand our programs to reach far beyond our central Pennsylvania headquarters. With your help we can work towards that common goal.

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